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A new day is dawning for Cannabis Canadians. We are the first rays of light shining over the mountains. Close your eyes, feel the warmth against your face. The long night has come to an end.
Marc Emery lays it on the line for us all in his article, Legalization, the Hemp BC Way. The Government must surrender. The terms he offers are fair but firm. I suggest that the powers that be will learn to know fear and trembling if they continue to defy the growing force of the Cannabis Culture. Resist they will, but resistance is futile. Our time has come.

We present two possible agents of change this issue: a constitutional challenge and a report by BC’s Chief Coroner. Voyages is the story of a man who was bsuted and decided that he couldn’t plead guilty. His article includes the information necessary for any Canadian charged with the simple possession of cannabis (or any other prohibited substance) to launch their own Constitutional Challenge of the Narcotic Control Act. Every individual who takes up this challenge is another clog in the bureaucratic imprisonment machine. This is the first step in shutting it down entirely.

A different agent of change is the Report of the Task Force into Illicit Narcotic Overdose Deaths in British Columbia. Drug overdose is the number one cause of death among British Columbians aged thirty to forty-five. The Chief Coroner toured the province and took an extensive look at the problem, and his recommendations cover a wide range of social and medical arenas. The final recommendations of this hopefully influential report are that the Ministry of Attorney General “seriously inquire into the merits” of legalizing cannabis, and of decriminalizing the use of other drugs to those shown to be addicted to them. Our comprehensive analysis of this report, along with some background information about the history of opium, heroin and methadone in Vancouver and Canada, is an important reference for anyone seriously interested in the social factors surrounding the use of these drugs in Vancouver.

Sometimes it seems like cannabis has been around forever, doesn’t it? According to Chris Bennet, it just about has. Chris begins his series on the history of cannabis and religion with some speculation about the first cannabis smokers. Was cannabis the evolutionary catalyst that brought man into full consciousness and self-awareness? Take a look at When Smoke Gets in My I and decide for yourself.

It often seems like Governments have been around forever as well. Cannabis pre-dates them all of course, and we can only hope that it’ll outlast them all as well. In the meantime, we’ve got a collection of quotes from various MP’s about their opinions on the War on Drugs. Some of them are ignorant, some of them are well-spoken, together they provide a fascinating look into the minds of those who we’ve chosen to govern our country. After seeing Your Parliamentarians On Drugs, you’ll never look at your government the same way again.

Dr Clone provides us with a simple and effective technique for producing clones when he explains How to Clone Your Cannabis Plant. Spring has sprung, so let’s get those plants a growin’! Judging by our consumption habits here at Cannabis Canada, there’s going to be a need for a great deal of herbs to be grown over the coming year. As always, feel free to send any particularly good buds our way. And share those seeds! Spend an afternoon sowing some in your local park. Don’t expect to return and harvest them, but rather let them proliferate naturally. Give back to the mother herb a little of what she’s given you.

We’ve also got some information about the big Hemp Expo in that took place over Four Days in Frankfurt at the beginning of March. Canada was represented by Gordon Reichert, the author of Agriculture Canada’s Bi-Weekly Bulletin (Volume 7, Number 23) that was all about the many uses of Hemp, aka Cannabis Sativa. Next issue we’ll take a closer look at some of the new technologies that were presented at the conference, but for now you can read our overview of the event and just enough tantalizing tidbits to whet your appetite for more.

There’s some other good stuff in here too, but I’ll let you discover it for yourself. Like our first installment of High Rolling with the Hempress, or our new and improved Hemp Commercial Directory.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Cannabis Canada. If you want my honest opinion, I recommend that you make sure you purchase a hardcopy, (printed on cannabis hemp paper, of course), because in ten years this will be a collector’s item, and you have a chance, right now, to get in the ground floor with an excellent investment. Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Maybe you should even buy two.

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Dana Larsen