Pot Pourri


    • Biosource Hemp is a four day Hemp Expo to be held in Frankfurt Germany, from March 2 – 5, 1995. It is a symposium on hemp which intends to bring together the major international hemp researchers and hemp technologists. Topics will include: the implications of reintroducing cannabis hemp; agriculture, breeding, cultivation and harvest; product line seminars on hemp oil, hemp paper and building materials; and much more.For further info contact organizers at: Sunder & Rottner, Von-Vollmer Straat 4, 91154 Roth, Germany. Tel: 49-091-71-4011, Fax: 49-091-71-4016.


    • Hemprella is a cheese alternative made from hemp seeds. It’s firm when cold and melts easily when heated. It’s also loaded with every nutrient you can imagine. For more info contact: Sharon’s Finest, P.O. Box 5020, Santa Rosa, California, USA 95402-5020. Tel: 707-576-7050


    • Moon Blossom Pads are menstrual pads made from hemp. Moon Blossom has brochures on why hemp menstrual pads are a superior choice and also makes hemp tote bags. Contact: Moon Blossom Pads & Herbals, P.O. Box 1827, Brighton, Ontario, K0K 1H0


    • Hempology 101 is a youth group which meets across the street from Hemp BC on Tuesday nights for activist planning sessions and lots of friendly young hempsters. Call Danna Rozek at Hemp BC (681-4620) for more information.


    • Want marijuana seeds at decent prices? An Ams-terdam outfit now mail orders seeds to U.S. & Canadian residents. Their address: Paradise Seeds, P.O. Box 377, 1000 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Ordinary flower shops and nurseries in Holland recently received legal permission to deal in all kinds of cannabis seeds. Competition will certainly mean more and more strains of marijuana & hashish at lower prices.


    • Want live seedsother than cannabis? A few seed companies feature exotic seeds such as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Morning Glory, San Pedro Cactus and others. Send for these catalogues:
        • …of the jungle, P.O. Box 1801, Sebastapol, California, 95473. ($2 U.S.)
        • T.A.E., 1935 S. Plum Grove Rd., Suite #348, Palatine, Illinois, 60067 (Free)


    • Local Vancouver green-collar growers are urged to bring in stalks from their harvested cannabis plants to donate to Mosse at the front desk of Hemp BC. Mosse makes hand-made hemp paper from these stalks.


    • The Swiss Hemp Trading Company is offering acreage to anyone who needs to grow cannabis. In Switzerland there is no restriction on growing cannabis as long as it is not to be locally marketed for recreational use. This allows cultivation for seed, pulp, fibre, and buds for medicinal or research purposes. The Swiss Hemp Co. is currently growing 25 varieties of cannabis, most THC active!Swihtco offers a seasonal lease of .5 to 10 hectares, and local labour will be hired to cultivate your plants if you can’t do it. Land is leased at 15,000 Swiss francs per hectare, which is a lot of money. On the other hand, you can grow a lot of THC-cannabis on a hectare.Their address: 1000 Lausanne 9, Switzerland. Tel: 41-21-311-0656, Fax: 41-21-311-0664.
    • Do you need a machine to process your harvested industrial hemp? The Industrial Fabrics Association Inter-national can help solve your problem. They can be reached at 612-222-2508.


    • Want to build your house out of cannabis fibre? They do in France using mineralized hemp chips called isochanvre. For more information on how this is done contact: Chenevotte Habitat, Le Verger, F-72260, Rene, France. Tel: 0033-43-974-518


    • We’ve never been able to get hold of him, but budding hemp farmers can call Joe Strobel’s Hempline at 519-842-9344.


    • HempWeb – the world’s first on-line electronic marijuana magazine & retail store will soon be operational. Internet users will be able to mail order products using a visual catalog and their credit card, as well as browse through information areas. It is our goal to make this site the largest and most current collection of hemp information in the world.


    • Vancouver’s Third Annual Walk for Hemp will be held on April 23rd at Sunset Beach (location tentative). Any bands, musicians and other entertainers or those interested in volunteering labour should call Danna Rozek at Hemp BC (681-4620).