Ohio Bill Proposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Legislation to legalize dispensing, growing and using marijuana for medical purposes has been introduced in the Ohio House.

Passage is unlikely, but if that happens, Ohio would become the 15th state to make medical marijuana legal.

The primary sponsor is Rep. Kenny Yuko, D-Richmond Heights, but there are five other sponsors. The Drug Policy Alliance in Ohio worked with Yuko in drafting the bill, which is similar to Senate Bill 343 from the last session but has significant changes, backers said.

Edward J. Orlett, a former state lawmaker who is Ohio representative for the California-based Drug Policy Alliance, said if the state doesn't pass the legislation, voters could take matters into their own hands. Michigan residents did that in passing a similar medical marijuana ballot issue in 2008.

Among other things, the bill would allow certified cardholders who verify they have debilitating medical conditions to grow marijuana plants. However, it would require them, when they are not at home, to keep the plants in a locked "room, greenhouse, garden or other enclosed area that is out of public view."

- Article from The Columbus Dispatch.


I hope!!

I really hope this passes. I'm in Ohio and would love to see some change in this state. There's quite a few supports of marijuana, but also some really conservative people who aren't so I don't know.

Ohio reform

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about freakin time....this

about freakin time....this will be great for me step-dad....been dieing from stomach cancer a few years now....it will be nice for him not to be to paranoid to grow his own

Medical Marijuana

I am a paraplegic for ten years with extreme pain that my doctors have been trying to control. Marijuana helps me. I am the type of person that could certainly benefit from this drug.


I'm also from Ohigho and I fully support this bill. I actually support full legalization but this is a great start. If you are from columbus or surrounding area there is a new NORML chapter here, google Central Ohio Norml and join the group today. We need all the help and support we can get!

I have chronic pain on a

I have chronic pain on a daily basis, and if smoking a herb would allow me the freedom to play with my daughter again I'm all for it. It's called the "compassion act", well I thing our congress people should show a little compassion with their vote.

Support for a safer alternative than opiates

I support the medical use of marijuana for people who need it. Marijuana is safe and effective as opposed to opiates that are addictive and killing people. If for no other reason look at the overdoses and deaths from other pain management options. I myself do not like the feeling therefore would not use it but would much rather see its use than opiates.

A thanks to everyone who can see the truth and are fighting for a safer option for people who are suffering.



medical marijuana

i will move back 2 ohio if this passes only moved bc i was shot point blank twice in the stomach by a 19 year old crack baby that i gave a ride 2 bc it was so cold out bad mistake but marijuana is the only thing that helps my stomach pain O,s on the outside HI in the middle oHIo

get involved!

Hello:] Im Joe, I'm 20 and I live in southern ohio. This has been great news!!! Even though the bill failed we as a state are making progress towards having marijauna as a medicinal benifit. I was born with Psoriatic Rheumatoid Arthritis, and i have a moderate case with not as much pain as some young men and women have...I'm very very lucky, but one of the reasons that I Don't have as much pain is i use marijauna almost on a daily basis. I feel so much better in my joints and fingers when i have THC in my bloodstream. I know this because several times I have quit to see the results and everytime my knees and fingers start hurting after about three days of no use.
IDK you can see an article on at this website about me playing sports with arthritis. add me on myspace/facebook. myspace.com/joeyloweryfromohio http://pr.jadicom.com/articles/Playing-Through-Pain.php
Get involved start writing our state reps. to pass this billllll!!!!!!!!!!

and to think i almost moved out.

Hello, I live in Ohio and was a car accident victim in 2006 where plow mounts on the front of an Suv ended up going through my skull at 60+ mph. I suffered with moderate brain damage after and finally won a 3 1/2 year fight with disability so that I get ssi/ssd, and was debating moving to jersey when it passed there, as I also have acid reflux, chronic arthritis pain, and cannot take certain medications because I also have seizures since. If Ohio passes it I will be the happiest I ever could have imagined, as marijuana relieves my arthritis and also legs me eat every morning. It'll also be nice to have Medicaid pay for part of it too.

i feel its a wonderful idea.

i feel its a wonderful idea. i have cronic back pain, four shoulder operations, stomach surgery...and the only thing that seems to help for pain is marijuna. i hope our politians do the right thing and think of us instead of themselves.



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