How To Buy Pot From A Stranger In Toronto

The random marijuana buy is possibly the most stressful transaction some stoners are ever going to make because there’s plenty of fear around meeting a friendly stranger to buy ganja. Mostly around getting ripped off, but a few folks worry the police are going to sting them for a $40 sack. Police handouts (where cops sell a pothead a wee bit of pot) are not common in Toronto for cannabis. Afterall the police are the trafficker and purchaser is the possessor. 

TMZ 161 Lawyer Paul Lewin Interview

Lawyer, NORML Canada Ontario director and friend Paul Lewin will be on The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday July 8 to discuss a recent Ontario Superior court ruling allowing hydro company’s to snitch on growers. We’ve talked about this case on TMZ that involves a Hamilton couple who were ratted out by their hydro company.

Famous Marijuana Smuggler Slams Legal Pot Investors

Canadian marijuana smuggler Brian O’Dea calls out legal cannabis investors over their responsibility to freeing people in prison for pot. In a recent DopeChef YouTube report he talks about giving a presentation to investors looking to score it big in Canada’s legal marijuana industry.

TMZ 160 Cannabis Canada History

Prime Minister John A. MacDonald was a drunkard and look at what he accomplished. The Mernahuana Zone doesn’t know much about national railroads, but we do know plenty about Canadian reefer madness. Celebrate Canada Day (Tues July 1) with cannabis and Canada’s cannabis history.

Got NXNE Munchies? Oh! Sweet Nothin' It's The Pizza Underground

Alt title - The Pizza Underground I Can't Stand It Anymore

I’d like to say being stoned, my travel NXNE needs and food options had me waiting for a Toronto streetcar at the corner of Dufferin and Queen, but it was indeed intrigue driving me see to The Pizza Underground. Are they some kind of weird crazy art project of Macaulay Culkin or were they just schwag?

TMZ 158 Bringing The Pot And Our Philly Moves To NXNE

City wide festival NXNE recognizes music festivals these days are more than just artists rocking out with their cock out - hence they’ve added interactive, film and comedy elements to their incredible lineup.

Good Times Provincial Election Volunteering

I put the blogging pen down when the Ontario provincial election was announced to pitch in for my neighbor ONDP Jonah Schein’s reelection campaign. The first few days during Schein’s campaign I worked on a two man sign crew. We drove around Davenport in a minivan stocked with large lawn signs, listening to Lou Reed, and then pouncing when we found a supporter’s address.

DopeChef Does Toronto Champs Cannabis Expo

Toronto videographer DopeChef and I did some spontaneous video segments together during Toronto Champs cannabis expo a few weeks back and he’s just released the footage. The segments offer a glimpse of some of the crazy cannabis good times that are constantly happening around me during marihuana events - there’s never a dull moment!

Urban Outfitters Stocks Marijuana Strain Guidebook

Received very exciting news from book publisher Green Candy Press, retailer Urban Outfitters is stocking Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains. The possibility of casual tokers, serious enthusiasts, or medical cannabis patient finding a copy has gone mainstream because that's serious retail distribution.






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