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Marijuana Growing and Dealing Standards, Not Barriers

Recently, Health Canada met with med pot industry representatives and individual dispensary spokespeople, of which a certain Marc Boris St. Maurice was one. According to St. Maurice, this exchange occurred:

We Must Choose One Initiative

"There are three viable initiatives for cannabis legalization that are bidding to make the ballot in California, and the honest truth is that we cannot afford to split the effort for legalization into three camps, all fighting for resources and energy..."

Most Legalization Rawks, Most Decriminalization Sucks

Recently, 77% of Liberals attending their national convention voted in favor of LEGALIZING marijuana...

How Occupy Vancouver – and the Occupy Movement - Could Improve its Democratic Process AND Address Heroin Overdoses

Had we had a list of demands that included heroin prescription and legal cannabis, we could have pointed to these demands when refusing to be vacated from the Art Gallery, and Vancouver's vast network of drug peace activists would no doubt have joined the battle to resist removal.

Correcting Cannabis Warrior's Inaccuracies on RMLW and RCPA

At the risk of becoming Mickey M.'s favorite target forever, I have decided to try and correct him on some of his – and RCPA author Bill Panzer’s – inaccuracies in his latest article in support of RCPA.

The Bizarre Allegations of Letitia Pepper

There once was a very brave attorney named Letitia Pepper, who stood up to an entire pot movement hell-bent on ramming through a monopolistic California marijuana legalization initiative called "Prop 19".

The First Casualty in War is The Truth

The text of my speech at the Vancouver Art Gallery for the anniversary of September 11th, 2011.

Imminent Collapse...

…and the age-old contest between cooperation and competition – or why this pothead is a libertarian socialist instead of just a socialist-hating libertarian or a libertarian-hating socialist.

Feb. 1st the deadline for letters to help Marc Emery get transferred to Canada!

Everyone should write a letter for Marc Emery right away! The deadline to get them into his lawyer is February 1st. It's best if people email Kirk the letters: kirktousaw@gmail.com.






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