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Impairment of Memory: A Response to the City of Vancouver's Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations

CANNABIS CULTURE - If we settle for irrational rules now, we'll settle for irrational rules later.

The City of Vancouver is relying on two out-dated, discredited reports to justify treating cannabis more like hard drugs such as pharma and alcohol, rather than the soft drug that it is.

These reports – the City will have us believe – are enough justification to do the following:

Three Government Lies Told at The Allard Medical Marijuana Trial

CANNABIS CULTURE - I managed to catch the opening statement by the government lawyer in the Allard vs. Canada medical marijuana trial.

What I heard had me wishing they allowed the vaping of the stinky, stigmatized herbal antiemetic in the courtroom itself because the lies he told just about made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Why I Got Busted Fighting The Pipelines and Why You Should Too

CANNABIS CULTURE - So I got busted on November 23, 2014 in the Burnaby Mountain "Conservation" Area.

I'm sure, given my history of being arrested, that some people might suspect it's just something I do whenever I can, just to be a pain in the ass.

Boycott Canada's Medical Marijuana Profiteers

Moreover the riches of the earth are for all ...

- Ecclesiastes 5:9, the Peshitta (Aramaic Bible), circa 2nd century BCE

That we may work in righteousness, and lay the Foundation of making the Earth a Common Treasury for All, both Rich and Poor ...

- Gerrard Winstanley, The True Levellers Standard Advanced, April 20, 1649

There is a debate in the cannabis activist community.

The Devil in the Details: Why Russ Belville is Slightly Wrong About His "5 Pot Myths That Must Be Busted"

"I've been studying marijuana professionally for eight years now and have read more reports, studies, and data than most of you put together."
– Russ Belville, Sept. 26 at 10:20am, Facebook

CANNABIS CULTURE - I am saddened when pot activists do sloppy research and hold it out to the public as the truth. I am even more saddened when it takes the form of an attack on other pot activists.

Translating The Medical Marijuana Mistruths of Prairie Plant Systems

CANNABIS CULTURE - Prairie Plant Systems, currently Canada's only legal commercial producer of medical marijuana, recently came under fire in articles published by Cannabis Culture.

Legalization For All Part 2 - 2012 Voters Guide

[Editor's Note: This blog post is the opinion of the author and does not represent the views of the publishers and editors of Cannabis Culture, who all support I-502 in Washington.]

"Do not be deceived. It is a classic stratagem of genocide to camouflage their wars as law-and-order police actions."

Taking Care With Cannabis Education

To the editor of the “Taking Care With Cannabis” pamphlet from Vancouver Coastal Health,

It's Easier to Get Forgiven Than Get Permission

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