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CANNABIS CULTURE – The raids against medical cannabis dispensaries and pot cafes – dubbed the “second round” of Project Claudia by the CBC, occurred on June 23nd, 2016. The first round occurred on May 26th. The rationale for the raids given by the Chief of Toronto Police the day after the first round of raidsRead More
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CANNABIS CULTURE - It’s a tough job making a film about drugs in 2012. Over the last half century no substance has been more idealized or demonized than LSD. It’s been associated with everything from ‘delivering God in a capsule’ to destroying the fabric of Western society. Spend a little time researching LSD and you’ll find that very few people sit on the fence when it comes to this immensely powerful and influential hallucinogen.
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CANNABIS CULTURE - Nearly 50 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe has made a film appearance: a previously undiscovered home movie purportedly showing her smoking pot at a party in New Jersey, circa 1958.