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The offices of two Manitoba Members of Parliament were targeted by protestors on Thursday, Feb. 21. They are upset about proposed changes to the way Canadians access medical marijuana. They say it could make it more expensive to obtain the drug legally and could force them to turn to the black market for their medicine.

The use of drugs should be decriminalized, with the least harmful substances regulated and sold in shops, a group of British parliamentarians said in a report released over the weekend. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy reform made its findings in the report Toward a Safer Drug Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Arising from 'Legal Highs'.

Bill C-15, the proposed drug legislation by the Conservative Party of Canada, would impose mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana. Tell your Member of Parliament to Vote No On C-15!. now has a form emailer for MPs. Click here to send an email to Members of Parliament opposing Bill C-15. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the letter, fill in the fields and click send. It's that simple!