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CANNABIS CULTURE – If you were a comic book reader in the 1950s (and almost every young person was), you were told over and over that marijuana was a scourge that inevitably led to prison or worse. This was true whether you read superhero comics, romance comics, or crime comics. The theme was always theRead More

One-page comic originally drawn by Vaughn Bode, colored by son Mark

When I was thirteen years old, I started my first successful business venture? selling vintage Marvel comics out of my bedroom at home. My first catalog listing all the comics I sold came out on January 1st, 1971. Over the next four years, I had a most wonderful time going to comic book and science fiction conventions in that golden era.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Is the world's most famous sailor-man tooting more than just spinach in his pipe?

Innocent childhood TV series revealed as pro-pot psychedelia!
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