5 Reasons to Buy from an Online Headshop

As Marijuana and CBD have become more and more popular due to the health benefits from using both, there has been a higher demand for products that allow one to enjoy the benefits of their concentrates and herb. An Online Headshop is a great place to shop from when looking for these kinds of products. There are tons of awesome products that can be found on an online headshop, such as bongs, dab rigs, grinders, vaporizers, rolling trays, and rolling papers. It’s fair to say that vaporizers have become the most popular item for 420 smokers. Click here to find a wide selection of quality vaporizers.

#1 Wide Selection of Products

The selection of products at an online headshop are far greater than it would be at a physical headshop. Most physical location will only sell products that adhere to a particular style. For example, you’ll see many store fronts that only sell bongs, glass pipes, or vaporizers. In addition, they may have a limited selection on the sizes and colors of specific items.

On the contrary, a premium online headshop will offer different styles, sizes, and colors of their products.

#2 Low Prices

Price just might be the most critical factor for consumers when shopping.

Just like any other retail store, brick and mortar headshops have tons of expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance, pay-roll, and more.

Online headshops are able to offer cheaper prices on their items since they have less expenses than brick and mortar locations. In addition, online shops have a higher customer reach than brick and mortar locations, so they are able to attract more customers.

#3 Discreet Shipping and Convenience

It’s no secret smokers need their products delivered to them quickly and efficiently. The majority of online headshops provide free and same-day shipping. In addition, online headshops understand how costly broken glass can be, so they ensure that all their products are packaged securely in order to prevent any damage while products are in transit.

#4 Quality Products

Online headshops are more likely to carry expensive glass pieces in comparison to a brick and mortar headshop. Online headshops usually have more connections with suppliers of quality glass than brick and mortar locations. Most brick and mortar shops carry cheaper made glass due to the risk and cost of breaking higher end pieces.

#5 Detailed Product Information

Online headshops must sell to their customers from a screen, so they make sure to write elaborate product descriptions in order to make the sale. Depending on the item the customer is looking to purchase, some valuable product information one may see on an online headshop may include:

  • Material –  Knowing what material your product is made of is extremely important. This information can help you understand whether your purchasing a durable or fragile item.
  • Dimensions: Knowing the dimensions of your product will allow you to know where to store your item. In addition some items look larger in photos than they actually are in real life.
  • Features – Many glass bongs have different style percolators. Different percolators offer different functionality, so it is critical to understand the features before purchasing an expensive glass piece.