Reservation Smoke Show : How the Mohawk Nation Legalizes

CANNABIS CULTURE – During my recent cross country motorcycle ride the riding club I belong to held 2018 national rally just outside of Desoronto Ontario on the 18000 acre Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Reserve, about 70km east of Kingston on the Bay of Quinte and I was able to time it right and attend on my return trip home.

Just close to the rally site I decide to gas up to avoid line-ups later and to my surprise the first gas station I pulled into also had a cannabis dispensary right behind it in a separate building. Lucky me I thought for the opportunity to stock up again.

The store had a cannabis leaf logo painted in traditional native art fashion and the word ‘Medibles’ printed underneath with two nicely vegging ganja plants out front on either side of the steps leading up to the door.

Entering I found two long counters with a rather large variety of cannabis goods for sale and a well stocked flowers bar of both indicas, sativias and hybrids.

Being on the road I didn’t want to waste to much time so I bought a quarter oz of two types of indica’s and got to the rally to set up my camp, once I tried the buds I wasn’t disappointed. Good value for the money paid, I believe it was $50 a quarter ounce I paid each.

Now the really big surprise came while I was riding around the area the next day, dispensaries were everywhere! Every gas station I passed had a dispensary and sometimes more than one, a larger gas station convenience store had 3 dispensaries on the same property along with a native art store, 1 building being a portable trailer shack called…and I kid you not, ‘drive thru cannabis’ 

See my instagram account @opus710adventures and watch the video yourself.

Turns out it was also mentioned quite a bit at the rally as it was hard not to notice, must have been what Vancouver was looking like before the city brought in the new regulations to try and cash in.

In 2017 VICE published an article and at the time mentions over a dozen cannabis outlets on the reserve, the talk when I was there a few weeks ago was around 60 dispensaries judging from what I saw and I believe it. 

Unfortunately I lacked the time to stay and really investigate as much as I would have liked but it’s pretty clear to me that this is what the public wants, a fair, open easy access cannabis market, good clean marijuana shouldn’t be any harder to find than coffee, milk and bread.

The government is in for a a serious rattling if it thinks it’s going to contain this industry, the future for cannabis is going to be great.

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