A Desert Hotel Adapts to Local Economy by Going Cannabis Friendly

Thanks to the increasing number of states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, a new and interesting phenomenon has developed– cannabis tourism. For marijuana aficionados who live in illegal states or states where the laws are prohibitive, this type of self-explanatory vacation can be hugely appealing. It can also be profitable for businesses in areas where cannabis can be purchased and used without legal repercussions.

For Desert Hot Springs Inn, a small 61-year-old boutique hotel located 15 minutes away from Palm Springs, California, rebranding as cannabis friendly was a way to adapt to the local economy. Currently, the Southern California community, renowned for its spas, has six operating dispensaries and 26 grow facilities, according to a spokesperson at the City of Desert Hot Springs. In October 2014, the city was the first in the state to allow the commercial cultivation of marijuana.

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