Healing With Hemp: Cannabis in Spas

Look out dot.com era! Here comes the pot.com era!

With a medical and recreational marijuana industry about to fly, there’s a whole lot of buzz going on. Globally-competitive, lucrative sectors and commercial opportunities are predicted to grow like a weed!

Cannabusiness is set to be smoking – forecasts of the medical marijuana market predict US$31 billion in annual sales by 2021. A Deloitte study suggests recreational marijuana sales alone in Canada could be as high as $8.7 billion per year.

Who consumes marijuana and the many ways it can be used is about to be reinvented. You only have to look to the U.S. where cannabis is legal to see the range of pot-abilities for cannabis use and consumption – edibles are a huge success with everything from brownies and beer to beef jerky and candy infused with pot. The pending Cannabis Act provides for edibles to be allowed recreationally in Canada by 2019.

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