Latinas Lead the Way in Puerto Rico’s Legal Cannabis Marketplace

CANNABIS CULTURE – In 2015, Medicinal Cannabis became legal in  Puerto Rico. Three years later, the continued growth of the industry in the island has been led by Latinas who share a  passion to educate and build the cannabis industry.

These Latinas bring knowledge with years of extensive studies in their field in order to bring new strategies, solutions and innovations to the cannabis industry. Meet some of these latinas  from CEO’s to leaders in activism in the cannabis movement.

Fundación Free Juana, a non profit foundation since 2012  founded by a lawyer, educator and activist in the cannabis movement in Puerto Rico. For the last 6 years Shadiff Repullo has been a voice in the pro cannabis movement. Her foundation has been focused on defending the rights of the prosecuted, protecting  the rights of the patients and providing education about the benefits of cannabis. Since the medicinal legalization of cannabis in the island, her foundation has extended its services and now offer professional courses for those who want to work in the industry as well as patient education on the process for those who want to get their medical cannabis card. For the past 6 years, her foundation has led a march to the capitol of the island, every April 20th to create awareness on the benefits of legalization. Shadiff’s current efforts are geared towards the education and wellness of patients. The foundation has also made alliances and created a network of dispensaries outside the metro area to continue their education outreach. You can reach Fundacion Free Juana at [email protected] or (939) 267-3462,  (939) 249-6998.

Bwell Healing Centers, a chain of medical dispensaries and Next GenPharma, the 1st licensed cultivation and manufacturing facility in the island  have Carmen Serrano as Partner and CEO of both cannabis companies. “We have cultivation, manufacturing, products outside and the contact with the patient and were seeing the results of patients who are feeling better and found an alternative” stated Carmen. Her leadership role within the industry also include spokeswoman in the Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association. “Our goal is provide patients with a  holistic treatment by having the best and most quality line of products”. Carmen is currently focused on expanding the dispensary franchise. They are opening their 4th dispensary out of the 10 they have plan on establishing all throughout the enchantment island. The dispensaries “will be accompanied by complementary services such relaxation techniques, stress and anxiety management, thru alliances with healthcare experts such as chiropractors, therapists and phycology clinics to improve the quality of life of our patients” stated Carmen.  You can reach Bwell Healing Center at [email protected] or 787-420-4206, 787-420-42009.

Latinas Cannapreneurs, an organization focused on latinas by promoting cannabis education and activism is led by educator, writer,  telecommunications entrepreneur and cannabis activist, Frances Gonzalez. Thru her organization she’s met and interviewed powerful latinas entrepreneurs in cannabis about their journey, roles and challenges in the growing industry. She’s best known for being one the leaders of  the women’s cannabis movement in Puerto Rico and bringing innovative solutions through her company Millennia Solutions, a premier answering service for  the cannabis industry. She’s also a contributor for a several digital magazines based in California and Canada. She’s also a member of Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis and  Certified Cannabis Expert on a community of highly skilled cannabis ancillary advisors. What’s next for Frances? She’s focusing on collaborating with a cannabis channel based in California to  develop international content. She’ll also be covering upcoming 4/20 events in Puerto Rico and Latin America and thru Latinas Cannapreneurs continue her mission to inspire, educate and elevate Latinas in cannabis. You can reach Latinas Cannapreneurs at [email protected] or 1-844-809-3330.

These latinas know the power of unification and knowledge in which their visions shines through the growth in the industry. With over 20,000 medical licenses being dispatched, these women are seeing the big  picture; the need the island has for cannabis education to help patients in their pursuit of a better quality of life. April is a big month for the Cannabis movement and this year you can add Puerto Rico to the list of countries who will continue to make an impact towards legalization and these latinas will not rest until the world knows it!


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