Video: Harvest at Niagara-On-The-Lake

CANNABIS CULTURE – The world’s largest legal harvest took place almost unnoticed one sunny week in October 2017. The crop was grown at Tweed Farms, located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, the heart of Ontario’s wine country,  at their record-setting 350,000 sq ft. cannabis grow facility.

To drive by the greenhouse you would think they are growing grapes or vegetables like their surrounding neighbours, but this facility is very different from those around it. The greenhouse at Tweed Farms is an environmentally friendly operation, capable of growing large quantities of sun-grown cannabis through the use of recycled rainwater. When you step in the greenhouse there are plants as far as the eye can see and rooms upon rooms filled with cannabis.
Filmmakers from a Toronto based Production Company called Lossless Creative came across this story and felt that it needed to be told. This record-breaking event was happening right in their backyard. That is why they decided to show up on the day of the harvest to film it.
Cannabis: A Moment In History, is a short film that follows both the record breaking harvest as well as Shega Youngson. She is the National Community Engagement Manager at Canopy Growth and is committed to changing the stigma that comes along with cannabis. These are the kinds of stories that need to be told and highlighted. Shega is helping real people and genuinely cares for her community.
On the cusp of legalization in Canada it is important to take a look at the individuals who are pushing the envelope and helping lead the charge. It is important to get information from all sides of a story and that is exactly what this film does.

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