Cannabis Industry is Saving Cities with Struggling Economies

A growing number of states have legalized marijuana, but not every municipality within the confines of these progressive governments has been eager to get involved with the cannabis trade. In the eight states that have legalized the leaf for recreational use, several local jurisdictions have opted to keep their streets free of legitimate pot commerce.

Most of the naysayers are smaller cities, convinced that legal cannabis businesses might bring about increased crime and otherwise threaten their Mayberry way of life. But this attitude is misguided, according to a new report. It turns out that it the presence of marijuana operations is especially generous with respect to strengthening local economies. More importantly, this area of commerce pays for itself, creating jobs and security without sacrificing the infrastructure required to ensure public safety.

When Colorado moved to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012, some folks were concerned that bringing the herb out of the underground might breed a heathenous uprising. Although the majority of the voters supported this reform at the polls, plenty of the people were still skeptical that legal marijuana would be good for all.

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