New Blockchain Social Network to Fight Cannabis Censorship Online

A new blockchain startup, Smoke Network,  is launching that hopes to create a safer alternative to legal cannabis businesses who are regularly targeted by large social media networks.

Cannabis businesses and communities have been targeted and banned without warning for years with no show of remorse from social media giants such as Facebook who continue to shut-down marijuana based pages regularly without warning.

This creates an oppressive environment for marijuana based businesses and communities who use social media as a direct link to their customers and fans. Legal businesses are losing profits due to oppressive policies at major corporations and legal medical marijuana users are suffering for it.

Smoke Network aims to solve this continued problem in part by the use of blockchain technology similar to that of Bitcoin. By hosting content in a blockchain data can be stored safely across the world without any chance of being removed or censored by outside third parties or governments.

The social network will also offer the unique feature of rewarding its users in cryptocurrency for their contribution to the network. Post authors who receive lots of upvotes on their content will receive a portion of the networks daily rewards, incentivizing them to provide value and creating ways for regular marijuana users and businesses to get more out of the effort they put into their social media.

The network is currently giving away free SMOKE coins for signing up and entering in their airdrop aimed kickstarting their network with like-minded cannabis users. If you interested in grabbing your share in the network we suggest checking out their website.