How Technology Can Prepare Dispensaries for Legal Cannabis

Recently, the Canadian federal government and provinces came to an agreement on tax sharing that will advance the legal marijuana legislation introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in May of 2017. While many dispensaries are currently operating in a gray area of the law, recreational marijuana is expected to become fully legal by July of 2018.

Once regulatory laws are established, cannabis retailers can expect some major changes as they transition from medical marijuana to adult-use marijuana. Preparing for this eventuality now will be very beneficial for Canadian cannabis dispensaries. We’ve outlined a few ways technology can help marijuana retailers ready their businesses.

Updating Cannabis POS Software

Installing industry specific, state-of-the-art technology is a great way to get ahead of the competition. Marijuana dispensaries should consider updating their cannabis point-of-sale system so both management and staff can get familiar with the functionality. However, selecting the right marijuana POS software to manage all aspect of your business can be a challenge.

One California based software company has developed a unique point-of-sale register that is both multi-functional and user friendly. IndicaOnline has created an all-in-one dispensary POS unit that contains a built-in receipt printer, RFID barcode scanner, ID swiper, and electronic cash drawer. Using an iOS application, retail staff can quickly process transactions from the iPad-based register. There are several advantages to using this ergonomic design, one of them being the elimination of bulky external hardware.

It’s a well know fact that most marijuana customers research cannabis retailers online before visiting the store. Using point-of-sale software capable of transforming your dispensary website into a fully functional web store will increase sales and engage a wider demographic. Empowering your business through ecommerce will allow customers to make online orders that can be delivered or picked-up in store.

Many marijuana retailers also use third-party listing websites such as Weedmaps and Potify. In the past, updating these listings to reflect current inventory has been extremely time consuming. Advanced dispensary POS software can now automate this process by syncing your stock so your menu is always up to date.


Setting Up Delivery Service

Existing cannabis retailers can begin taking steps to establish a delivery service for their storefront operation. Capitalizing on this convenience will attract new customers and grow the patient database for dispensaries. In the past, running a fleet of delivery drivers and dispatchers has been fraught with obstacles. Mobile devices now provide an easy solve as assigning order, viewing real-time inventory, and communication between driver and dispatcher is seamless.

Using an application that can sync with a powerful point-of-sale software can provide GPS tracking using location services. Dispatchers can see each driver’s location within the delivery area and make split second decisions that can save couriers time and money. Innovative functionality such as smart-order assignment has revolutionized how dispatchers delegate orders. Smart-order assignment suggests the best courier for each order based on their proximity to the delivery location and the number of active orders in their queue.

It’s also important that delivery drivers have the capability to select the navigation app of their choice that can work in tandem with the delivery application. Avoiding major traffic accidents and road construction is imperative to optimizing delivery times and improving customer satisfaction. Once couriers arrive at each destination, the application transforms their mobile devices into wireless registers that offer paperless checkout. Customers can sign collective agreements digitally and receive the receipt via email making for a speedy transaction.

Track and Trace Functionality

Abiding Health Canada’s ACMPR reporting requirements is certainly at the top of the list when it comes to staying compliant. Using technology with track and trace functionality is necessary for accurate reporting of sales and inventory.

Built-in barcode scanners allow budtenders to quickly add new inventory and ring up items with ease. Dispensary staff can then easily generate sales and inventory reports with one click providing detailed information for regulatory officials.

Occasionally certain cannabis products will be recalled and it is crucial to know who purchased the affected products. Identifying and contacting customers who purchased a recalled product is painless using a sophisticated marijuana POS software. A quick search of the recalled item will reveal every customers who bought the product and contact details where they can be reached. Addressing recalls quickly will mitigate the damage and allow you to maintain the trust between consumer and retailer.

Installing Digital Signage

Making a good first impression on new cannabis clientele is vital to maintain high customer retention. The appearance of your marijuana retailer will set the tone for their purchasing experience. Presenting a modern and tech-savvy aesthetic will convince shoppers you take pride in your business. Improving your sales floor with high definition digital signage will enhance the appearance and provide a valuable way to display menus, discounts, advertisements, video, and even social channels.

Syncing your inventory to your digital displays is now possible with IndicaOnline TV.  The Los Angeles based company has developed an application available on Apple TV that can play custom playlists on multiple displays throughout your cannabis retailer. Customers will be able to view your scrolling menu with high quality photos and take advantage of daily discount and special offers. There are a number of ways to use digital signage but you can be sure your customers will take notice that that technology plays a vital role in your business.

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