Pot is Legal in Vegas — but Tourists Have Nowhere to Smoke

In this desert oasis, visitors meander down the Strip, gulping booze from novelty jugs. Hucksters press escort ads into the hands of passersby. You can bet on the Raiders or roulette.

But when it comes to marijuana, it turns out Sin City is something of a scold.

Retail pot sales have been legal since July 1, but there’s just about nowhere for tourists to consume it without breaking the rules.

Casinos and their hotels forbid any form of cannabis consumption. It’s illegal to toke up or eat a pot brownie on the street or in a park. It’s forbidden, too, if you’re a passenger in a moving car, or partying at a raucous bar, or hiking in nearby Red Rock Canyon. Where can you smoke? Almost nowhere, except private homes. And, so far, cannabis cafes exist just in theory.

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