Marijuana taxes are giving Colorado a pot of money to rebuild its crumbling schools

Cannabis taxes are raising tens of millions of dollars that are going straight to the state’s school-building fund.

The K-12 school in Deer Trail, Colorado, is in rot. The swimming pool is in such grave shape that students can’t use it anymore. People in wheelchairs have to be lifted up stairs. A sewage leak has closed the coach’s locker room. Even basic security is a problem, as the doors are so out of shape that they can be difficult to close and lock.

All of this, detailed in a report in the Denver Post, may soon come to an end. Thanks to an infusion of state cash, the small town is finally building a new school. And here’s the kicker: Some of the money funding the school is coming from Colorado’s excise tax for marijuana.

That’s right: Marijuana legalization is helping build new schools in Colorado.

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