Chronic Pain, PTSD Now Qualify for Medical Marijuana

Next month, the qualifying medical conditions the state allows for medical cannabis use will expand to include chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. The law also inserts language to inform users of the potential loss of federal rights.

Gov. Chris Sununu signed House Bill 160 on June 28 that expanded the medical conditions that give more leeway for doctors to recommend the use of medical cannabis.

While New Hampshire’s medical marijuana law went into effect on paper in 2013, it wasn’t until spring of 2016 when patients with qualifying medical conditions could legally obtain marijuana through the newly opened medical cannabis dispensaries. Patients who have a qualifying condition and want to use marijuana legally in the state apply and receive a registry identification card from the Department of Health and Human Services and choose one of the four medical cannabis dispensaries in the state to make their purchases. The closest one in the Seacoast region is Temescal Wellness in Dover.

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