State Lists Applicants to Grow Medical Cannabis in Pa.

A complete list of companies that want to grow and process medical marijuana in Pennsylvania was released Friday by the state Department of Health.

If all goes as planned, the state will award 12 of the coveted growing permits by the end of June. An announcement of the winners could come as soon as next week.

Two of those permits are slated for Southeastern Pennsylvania, the state’s most populous and potentially most lucrative region, where 51 aspirants are vying to set up growing operations inside warehouses that will be sealed tighter than prisons.

The majority of the applicants are cloaked in mystery. The state issued only a list of company names. It withheld locations of the proposed sites and did not identify the principals involved. The businesses have not had to register with the state. The Department of Health has promised to release details — but only about the winners — when it awards the permits.

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