Pot Etiquette: Mind Your Marijuana Manners

Yes, it’s okay to toke up with your (grown) kids.

As long as your kids are legal (that’s 21, FYI) and don’t have a history of substance abuse, Skeer says sharing marijuana with them “shouldn’t pose a major problem.” VanEaton agrees: “I think it’s cool,” she says. “I get a lot of followers that tell me their favorite smoke buddy is their 21-year-old son. I think that’s super-cute and sweet.”

But don’t use it to bond.

For one thing, it’s tough to force the “cool dad” shtick. (We can hear the groans now.) For another, Skeer says it’s probably not the healthiest way to hang with your adult kids. “You need to think about why you’re [using weed with them],” she stresses. “Is it because you’re thinking, ‘This will bring us closer’? If that’s the case, you have to work on your relationship in different ways.”

Be discreet.

While VanEaton is very public about her lifestyle, she admits that’s not the right choice for everyone. “I think it’s case by case,” she says. “It is so individual.” If you live in a particularly puritanical hamlet, for example, you may want to keep your Mary Jane habit quiet. Same goes for parents potentially facing a custody battle, educators, or doctors.

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