Glass Masters: Gnarla Carla and Her Peachy Pieces

CANNABIS CULTURE – Female artists like Carla Camasso (aka Gnarla Carla) are wowing the cannabis glass industry with cute and creative designs.

Her stylistic and skillfully made pieces feature a variety of playful images including tigers, flowers and peaches reminiscent of the the much-loved peach emoticon.


Despite how feminine and sometimes floral her pieces are, her creativity and precision work can certainly appeal to everybody.


Fans of Lisa Frank’s classically colourful art will love the adorable, dough-eyed creatures she sculpts from behind the torch.


Camasso’s winsome style stands out when she creates her colorful glass fruit.


But it seems her loyal fans are most enamored with her cheeky glass peaches.


Colourful, fun and distinctive in style, her voluptuously round peaches remind one of enjoying something sweet and juicy in the summer time.


Her great eye for colour is highlighted especially well in her pieces featuring flowers.


With such a signature style and talent behind the torch, Camasso appears to be an ideal artist to collaborate with. The energy her glasswork brings compliments all of the artists she collaborates with while still maintaining her sassy, bold and individual look.


Though all of her collaborations are conversation worthy, @gnarlacarla and @dollhouseglass are a match made by the gods in heady heaven.

The only way these peaches could possibly get any more adorable would be to fill them with sparkles!

Eager collectors wait in anticipation each time the two girls announce new work together.

Glitter, crushed opal, 24k gold or any combination of the shimmering aforementioned options – these provocative little peaches are brought to the next level when filled with all things shiny by @dollhouseglass


Camasso got behind the torch for the first time five years ago but has been working with glass for thirteen years.

“I use to be primarily a furnace worker, making things for the home like vases, bowls, ornaments, and drinking glasses,” she said.

Camasso has a BFA in glass from Massachusetts College of Art and Design aka MassArt located in Boston, where she is originally from. She is currently based out of Asheville, NC.


Whether skillfully meshing two individual styles into a well designed collaboration or slaying a solo piece, the glass art of @gnarlacarla will bring you delight.


Follow her on Instagram @gnarlacarla and purchase her art from

Carly Marley
Carly Marley

Carly Marley is co-host of The 420 Lifestyle on Pot TV and Fashion Editor of Cannabis Culture.