The Underground of Hope: Medical Cannabis in Poland

CANNABIS CULTURE- “It is not just another documentary on wonderful medical properties of cannabis,” says Polish Journalist and Filmmaker Jan Bluz, “It is the record of people’s struggle for the last resort when pharmaceuticals no longer provide relief to their ill beloved ones.”
In Poland, severely ill patients are treated as criminals.
In Bluz’s stirring documentary feature, The Underground of Hope, she encounters the patients, their caretakers, and activists that risk their freedom to improve their beloved’s lives. And fight the bureaucratic system to change obsolete policy.
Poland has one of the harshest drug policies in the European Union. There is no recognition of cannabis as medicine and a cultivation charge can carry an eight-year prison sentence.
Polish politicians and public officials claim cannabis is not researched enough to make available to the public. Meanwhile, elsewhere, a legion of respected foreign scientists beg to differ.
The Underground of Hope, follows the patients, their caretakers, and the innovators unlocking the mysteries and miracles of the cannabis plant.
In the midst of the journey, it appears that the forbidden substance might be life-saving for many people, or at least might improve the comfort of living in the last days of the severely sick. The ongoing research and experience of patients show that the list of illnesses where cannabis might be beneficial becomes longer each year. Simultaneously, the Polish state seems to fail and do not react appropriately to the situation where its citizens need a quick change in the law.
And so, these people remain criminalized for trying to get well.