On Campus: Gold Standard for Medical Cannabis

There is mounting evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis for a wide range of conditions, yet regulators – as well as physicians and patients – call for assurances that safe, consistent and well-quantified products can be delivered.

Research at Loyalist College, which recently received Health Canada approval for a Controlled Drugs and Substances Licence for the purpose of research and analysis of medical cannabis, will provide much-needed answers for this emerging industry, said Ann Marie Vaughan, Loyalist College president and chief executive officer.
“We have a track record of leveraging clean technology for research and development, which makes [medical cannabis]research a good fit,” said Vaughan. “This is an obvious example of how we can use sustainable practices to improve research and ultimately product development in partnership with industry and other post-secondary institutions.”
The college’s unique applied research infrastructure facilitates a discovery process that can help to inform best practices for the medical cannabis industry, said Biosciences Professor Kari Kramp, who leads Loyalist’s Supercritical CO2 Extraction Applied Research Laboratory.

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