Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Alaska is Challenging, but Not Impossible

We are not quite at the real start of the indoor part of the outdoor growing season, so let me take a bit of space to answer some questions about cannabis.

Where it has been legalized Outside, this plant has been hailed as the new tomato for home hobby gardeners. Lots of folks are trying to grow their own for the first time. Well, it is clear to me Alaska gardeners are no different.

The question I’m most frequently asked — and one which is important enough to keep me from writing about my favorite subject, invasive species, for one more week — is when to start seeds. This is an especially big question among first-time growers, of which there appear to be many this year.

The answer is not as simple as “start them x days before the last frost.” Look in the books or on the internet and you will find vegetative cannabis plants will start to set flowers when day and night hours are at equal — at the equinox.

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