Call to Action: Cannabis Culture Under Attack

Friends, the time has come to act!

The Cannabis Culture location at 248 Colborne Street West in Brantford Ontario has been raided and sealed off by police. All staff have been arrested and people in need of medicine are being turned away by force.

Please do what you can to express your discontent with the police’s strong-arm tactics. If you’re in Ottawa, join the protest on parliament hill, if you’re in the Brantford, gather with the masses of your like-minded brethren to let the law know you take your rights seriously. Those of you who can’t be in those two cities your support is vital: spark up, speak out and call your local MP.

#stopthearrests #saveourdispensaries

Marc Emery is posting video from the scene, follow these links:

Vive la liberte!

Check here, more updates to come…


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