How Entrepreneurs are Helping Consumers Enjoy Cannabis Discreetly

As marijuana consumption grows with expanding legalization, most users still want to be discreet about their practices Entrepreneurs are helping these customers keep their cannabis consumption under the radar, and to connect them unobtrusively to retailers and like-minded users.

Brian Huynh started his company, Sploofy, like many entrepreneurs do, in an effort to solve his own problem, which in this case was ridding his home environment of the distinctive odor of cannabis.

“I knew many students created a makeshift filter using a toilet paper roll and dryer sheet, which worked, but was clearly a pain to keep making. I wanted to create something that would not only get rid of the odor, but was also convenient to the user. Just like you would use Febreze to get rid of unwanted smells in the restroom, I wanted to create a sort of ‘household product’ that would help with the smell of marijuana.”

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