How Cannabis Ecommerce Challenges are Driving Web Innovation

Cannabis and ecommerce would complement one another like seed and soil, if only federal law would allow it.

No market, niche or otherwise, will survive without a strong presence in ecommerce. Whether it’s business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), ecommerce must be a part of any business and marketing strategy. If your business is behind the curve on omnichannel strategies, you’re inviting problems. It’s simply incumbent on any business to optimize the buying experience. And, that means putting price, product, and purchase in front of the customer so the buy decision can be swift and actionable.

Ecommerce will define the cannabis industry Sears, Kmart, Macy’s and other legacy retailers are closing stores in the hundreds, marking the continuing decline of old-school marketing. Social media, smarter devices, and digital cash have changed shopping. Customers access product instantly, review features and benefits and click to buy. Providers must have a presence on all channels and transaction technology in place if they’re to compete.

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