‘Pop-Up Weed Garden’ Coming to Rittenhouse Square for Trump’s Inauguration

t that they asked for it, but here’s some advice for folks who don’t like marijuana clouds wafting through Rittenhouse Square: Find somewhere else to be next Friday afternoon.

In the wake of Thursday’s news regarding nifty new signs in Rittenhouse Square that ban sitting on the walls in part to, according to the Friends of Rittenhouse, help cut down on “continuous marijuana smoking in the park,” cannabis activists told PhillyVoice that they would gather next week at the green space in Center City.

Specifically, they will celebrate their favorite green plant on the occasion of Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20. They’re calling the 4 p.m. event “Toke Back the Wall.”

Sure, Sgt. Eric Gripp of the Philadelphia Police Department said “there is no law that says you can’t sit on the walls” and that when it comes to targeting marijuana smokers, “it’s our job as far as the park is concerned to enforce the law as it is.”

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