Marijuana Fun Facts: 6 Interesting Things to Know About Weed After Twitter Trends Cannabis Trivia

The year 2016 was a big one for marijuana in the United States. Several states passed new legislation allowing legal use of cannabis in some capacity and states that were already approved for legal pot use saw huge dividends from marijuana sales. In fact, the industry as a whole generated more than $6.7 billion in marijuana sales, according to a Tuesday Forbes report.

Despite the action being taken to end marijuana reform throughout the country, there’s still a lot of opponents of the plant, many of whom don’t actually know or understand the many positives a little bit of weed can bring. That may be why the hashtag, #MarijuanaFunFacts, started to trend on Twitter Thursday, as many people on social media took a moment to educate the masses on a few fun facts and myths surrounding one of Earth’s most popular plants.

Check out a few interesting facts about marijuana below:

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