Former California Mayor Connects Cities with Cannabis Companies

Former Hawthorne California mayor Chris Brown plays matchmaker between small cities looking for new tax revenue and cannabis companies that want to do business there. With recreational marijuana legalization looming on California’s November ballot, those opportunities are about to increase significantly.

If recreational legalization passes as expected, taxes from pot production and sales could top $1 billion annually. Cities and counties can add their own fees and taxes for business licenses, permits and other business activities to California’s state taxes, and that’s where Dr. Brown, Chief Political Officer of the legal group he works for The Foxx Firm, comes in.

Adelanto California is Dr. Brown’s favorite example of the benefits of partnership between local governments and cannabis companies. The city of 32,000 residents with a 12% unemployment rate was nearly bankrupt in 2014 when local businessman John Woodard Jr. ran for city council “on the M-word.” The M-word was marijuana and Mr. Woodward proposed the city welcome medical marijuana businesses as tax payers and employers. “I saw other cities paying for police, firefighters and city parks with cannabis taxes,” he said.

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