Merle Haggard Marijuana to Enter Colorado Market

Country legend helped develop recreational sativa strain before his death.

Merle’s Girls, a recreational strain of marijuana developed by the late Merle Haggard, will hit the Colorado market soon.

Once hailed as a conservative cowboy whose 1969 hit “Okie from Muskogee” seemed to preach the values of a drug-free lifestyle, Haggard warmed up to weed during his later years, relying on the plant – particularly its sativa species, which he used as a stimulant – to help maintain a heavy touring schedule well into his Seventies. With help from his family, including daughter Jenessa Haggard-Bennett and son-in-law Brian Bennet, he began growing medical marijuana on his 280-acre property in California. Haggard hoped to expand the operation to Colorado, where the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in 2012, although he passed away before the product could hit the market. Since his death in April 2016, his relatives – in conjunction with business partners from Colorado Weed Co., an operation based in Pueblo, CO – have continued working to bring those cannabis strains to statewide dispensaries.

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