Don Briere Sells Marijuana for the Crown – Ottawa Interview

Don Briere owns Weeds Glass & Gifts, a chain of over 20 marijuana dispensaries located in many cities through out Canada. He once went to jail for operating over 30 grow-ops using 77 thousand high pressure bulbs. Currently he signs many cheques, employs over a hundred people, and requires receipts for the buying and selling of cannabis.

Lately he has engaged the city of Vancouver and Abbotsford with Charter challenges regarding the unconstitutionality of their marijuana dispensary laws. On July 28th I had the opportunity to talk to Don while he was in Ottawa and this is the text of that interview.

Roy Berger “It’s so much easier that way, isn’t it?”

DB “Yeah. Yeah. And so the bottom line is, is we have to turn this around. I talk about the tax man, tax part, tax people who don’t pay taxes, all this kind of shit, right? So to me it’s more important to use our cops, our police to go after the bad people. The police can go after the bad people who do human trafficking and prey on people. That to me is the more important thing. We don’t need them to chase us.”

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