San Francisco’s Private Cannabis Lounge: Leather Seating, Chess and a Concierge

The city’s first high-end pot ‘boutique’ – with a $100 membership fee – adds to a growing industry, but is Harvest signaling an end to the days of ragtag hangouts?

Anyone with a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician can browse Harvest on Geary’s minimalist dispensary – but entry into their private lounge will be only for those San Franciscans who can afford it.

Billed as the city’s first high-end pot “boutique”, Harvest will soon be home to “California’s only private cannabis consumption lounge,” where members will be able to relax in mid-century modern chairs and leather settees while watching TV or playing chess, surrounded by art deco-style wood paneling lit up by chandeliers.

The monthly membership fee for the lounge, scheduled to open sometime in September, will be $100. There will also be “an on-site concierge”, according to a press release.

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