Marijuana Makes a Difference in Colorado

Colorado is famous for skiing, hiking – and legal marijuana, which is a boon to the economy. Instead of just filling their coffers, some towns are using marijuana tax funds to help the homeless, Kateri Jochum reports.

For years, south Broadway, a forlorn stretch of road south of Denver, was known as “Antique Mile.” But in the past few years, neon signs with green crosses and cannabis plants have mixed in among the old wooden signs – and stores with names like “Colorado Harvest,” “Sticky Buds” and “New Broadsterdam” have popped up.

“We want to market it as the ‘Green Mile,'” says Tim Cullen, CEO of Colorado Harvest. “We have 17 marijuana dispensaries along this one mile stretch of South Broadway. That’s more pot shops in one spot than anywhere else in the world.”

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