Why It’s Important to See Women Smoking Weed

Having spent a large amount of my youth at a Church of England all girls’ school, I had decided drugs were evil. Take one toke on a spliff, and it would be a slippery slope toward your school portrait appearing on the front page of the Mail: “GCSE Student Tragically Dead at 16 from Doing Too Much Reefer.”

Skip past my puritanical phase, though, and by 19, I was smoking weed pretty regularly, thanks to my boyfriend and my male housemate. No surprise there, really: Weed is the most commonly used drug in Britain, and 93 percent of those who use drugs (around 14 million people) have smoked cannabis.

I got stoned after work, before going to the movies, and with my friends after parties. Slowly, I bridged the gap between newbie and someone who knows what “indica” is, and I hoped to share the ritual I’d grown to love with some of my close female friends. Problem was, I barely knew any women who smoked. Unlike my male friends, who were all experienced weed smokers—and proud of that fact—my female friends avoided it. I realized I couldn’t share my experience with women, and I was instead just having weed mansplained to me by all my male friends.

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