City of Calgary Withdraws Charges After Medical Marijuana User Challenges Bylaw Tickets

Woman’s medical marijuana use landed her several tickets, which were withdrawn after vague bylaw language proved weak for court battle.

Through the smoke and mirrors of Calgary’s Bylaw, one medical marijuana user is celebrating a small victory.

Ticketed for her medicinal marijuana use in a Calgary Transit bus shelter, Lisa “Mamakind” Kirkman was prepared to challenge her fines, over $1,500 in infractions, as a Charter of Rights and Freedoms case. But after a year of fighting the write-ups, charges against her were withdrawn on Wednesday, according to her lawyer, because of a vague bylaw.

“The charges were withdrawn,” said Student-at-Law Elizabeth Weisenburger. “Essentially the wording of the bylaw mostly pertained to burning pipe tobacco…it was vague as to whether it included cannabis smoke.”

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