Detroit’s Marijuana Dispensaries Get Lit At Night

Dave Jordano’s fascination with Detroit’s marijuana dispensaries borders on obsession. He’s photographed more than half of them, and remains fascinated by their bright colors, neon signs, and cheeky names like “House of Dank.”

“I just love this entrepreneurial spirit of all these individuals having their own say in what these shops should look like, what their names are, what strains they sell, what they profess to heal and cure,” Jordano says. “Everyone’s got their own thing going, and it’s very independent.”

Detroit’s Marijuana Dispensaries celebrates 82 of Motown’s most eclectic weed shops, which sprouted after Michigan legalized medical marijuana eight years ago. The law didn’t specifically address dispensaries, but many cities gave them tacit approval. In some cases, establishing a dispensary required nothing more than the same permit needed to run a medical supply store.

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