Dabado Helps Cannabis Concentrate Users Put Down the Blow Torch

When young entrepreneur Steven Helfer put together a Facebook page about “dabbing” (smoking marijuana concentrate) featuring funny pictures, videos of people smoking and other pot-related content, he didn’t expect to get 110,000 “Likes.” And he didn’t expect to use it as a marketing platform to help launch a multi-million dollar business.

While mainstream advertising vehicles are closed to marijuana-related businesses, social media has been a way for people who enjoy pot and those who sell to them, to connect. Steven and his brother Nicholas used those networks to sell more than 10,000 “Bolts,” portable devices to smoke marijuana concentrate, over the last 9 months. The Bolts sell for $79-$129 each.

Smoking highly concentrated cannabis in its waxy form can be seen as complicated, intimidating and hard core. One reason is that the concentrates deliver a vastly higher level of THC than eating a brownie or smoking a joint. Now add the fact that users have traditionally been using a blowtorch to blast fumes onto the heating surface called a “nail” or a knife, and then inhale them from a glass piece.

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