A ‘Bad Batch’ of Synthetic Weed Turned Part of Brooklyn into ‘Zombieland’

The scene in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon resembled something from a bad horror movie. Dozens of people were seen convulsing, lying on the sidewalk, doubled over fire hydrants, and stuck frozen and contorted in strange positions. One bystander described it as “Zombieland.”

The small-scale zombie apocalypse was reportedly caused by the drug K2, the most common street name for synthetic marijuana. At least 33 people in Bed-Stuy’s Myrtle-Broadway area — a noisy intersection in the sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood, where trains constantly rattle over the elevated railway — were hospitalized after apparent overdoses.

K2 — also sold under an array of other names, including Spice, Green Giant, and iBlown — is basically potpourri that’s been sprayed with chemicals designed to mimic the effects of marijuana.

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