Hawaii Selects Businesses for Medical Pot, but not Woody Harrelson’s

Nearly 60 Hawaii residents applied to open the U.S. state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries.

The City of Victoria is considering rules for its illegal cannabis dispensaries that would be more permissive than Vancouver’s landmark bylaw, permitting the sale of controversial “edibles” and allowing pot shops to be located closer to schools.

Medical marijuana advocates in the provincial capital praised the draft rules for the city’s 32 existing dispensaries, which will be voted on by council later this week. The new proposal comes as officials in Vancouver began cracking down on dispensaries, handing out tickets to nearly two dozen shops over the weekend.

Victoria is poised to become the second Canadian city to regulate dispensaries, which have proliferated in areas where municipal officials and police departments have taken a hands-off approach. Advocates say Canada now has about 300 dispensaries, which operate outside of Ottawa’s mail-order medical marijuana system.

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