All Cannabis is Not Created Equal

As Cannabis-legal cities across the country prepare for increasingly populous and accepted 4-20 celebrations, there’s a major shift taking place among users of legal Cannabis. The excitement of simply being able to buy Cannabis legally is wearing off for many, and they’re discovering that all Cannabis is not created equal. Just as there are fine wines and (not so) fine wines, there is high quality Cannabis and there is low quality Cannabis.

But while many Canna-curious consumers know there is a difference between high quality and poor quality Cannabis, many have told us that they don’t how to quickly and easily differentiate between the two. So, with the hope of clearing up the confusion and raising the quality of Cannabis expectations, Good Chemistry Nurseries has developed a new, simple tool to help novice and experienced cannabis users assess quality Cannabis.

Just as wine enthusiasts enjoy a user friendly tasting system and diamond buyers employ the “Four C’s,” cannabis users now have a new evaluation tool called “S.T.A.T.S.”, a five-step process for identifying high quality, remarkable flower, similar to the multi-step process for evaluating wine. The S.T.A.T.S. method (Sight, Touch, Aroma, Taste, and Sensation) is a guide to helping consumers evaluate essential aspects of the flower in order to make the most informed and satisfying purchase decision.

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