Cops Found an Underground Weed-Smuggling Tunnel Under this Mexican Restaurant

Sometimes the best Mexican restaurants are out of the way hole-in-the-walls, where the journey is rewarded with unbelievable tamales or a secret family tortilla recipe. When you do find such a place, you often keep the secret closely guarded so that you don’t blow the spot up. Nothing kills the vibe like a line out the door.

One Mexican restaurant in Mexicali, El Sarape, sort of fits the bill, but for all the wrong reasons. They recently did, in fact, have their spot blown up: Though the restaurant has a “mariachi band at the ready” and a “menu that will simply delight carnivores,” according to Lonely Planet, it turns out that El Sarape’s most top secret recipe was a hole in the floor through which they smuggled thousands of pounds of marijuana to a house on the other side of the border in Calexico. Unfortunately for El Sarape, the line out the door on Wednesday was a bunch of cops.

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