New Political Party Legal Marijuana Now Nebraska Backs Drugs for Medical Use

As politicians across the U.S. debate medical marijuana laws and legalization for recreational purposes, a group in Nebraska is taking a different approach: forming a political party supporting medical marijuana legalization.

The group, Legal Marijuana Now Nebraska, will need to gather 6,500 signatures by Aug. 1 supporting its effort for legalized medical marijuana use and hemp production, KETV-7 in Omaha reported. The group wants to reach 8,000 signatures, noting it is also working with groups in other states, including neighboring Colorado, Iowa and Minnesota.

“We are forming the party, so that people recognize that we are looking to change something here in our state,” organizer Zach Boiko said. “The right thing is getting the medicine to the people. This petition is specifically designed for that purpose. If you don’t like recreational, that’s fine.”

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