The Olympics of Weed Are Coming to a City Near You

The 420 Games—a competition of athletic skill and bravery formerly confined to the crunchy San Francisco set—is making a bid for world domination this year, or at least domination of the weed-lovers of the American West. The 4.20-mile running competition is expanding in 2016 to Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Portland, and Boulder, LA Weekly reports. The new competitions will include a running race, plus mountain bike and stand-up paddleboard competitions.

“When someone uses cannabis, the outside world looks at them as stupid, lazy stoners,” the race organizer Jim McAlpine told Runner’s World in August 2015, after the second annual competition in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. “We are using our athleticism to change the way people think.” Athleticism, indeed: out of about 500 participants, the man who won that race in a truly-none-too-shabby 15:57 was under the influence of marijuana. He, along with the first-place female finisher, won a $500 gift card to a weed delivery service.

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