Interview: Nick Diaz

Early in his career as a mixed-martial-arts fighter, Nick Diaz was tagged as someone who had problems with the media. Diaz rolls his eyes and scoffs at the assertion. “I don’t like people in my face when I’m getting ready for a fight — constantly trying to get a story, asking how I feel, trying to get a quote,” he says.

He also isn’t too fond of fans who pull out cell phones to take a selfie when they meet him. “I just need my space,” he explains.

And yet, at his Stockton, California, home, Diaz is self-possessed, relaxed and pleasant. He sips a beer while talking about his recent ordeal with the UFC and the fight life in general. He’s been fighting since 2001, and he’s earned a reputation as one of the most ferocious competitors in the sport. In September, he was fined $165,000 and suspended by the UFC for five years following his third positive test for cannabis, after his January 2015 fight with Anderson Silva. It was seen as a career-ending punishment — one harsh enough that the cannabis community mounted a White House petition drive to have the ban lifted.

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