Mom Breaks Law to Treat Sick Toddler With Cannabis Oil

Single mom Sarah Ellett knows she’s breaking the law every day when she gives her chronically ill daughter Remie, 3, two tiny drops of cannabis oil. She’s determined to continue, as the treatment has brought her child a quality of life that’s not only tolerable but also often joyful. But now child caseworkers have gotten involved, and Ellett is scared.

“They told me they needed to make sure that Remie wasn’t in any danger,” Ellett (pictured above with Remi), who lives in Nephi, Utah, toldPeople Wednesday about the recent surprise visit from Utah Division of Child and Family Services reps, who she believes were tipped off. “I told them they would have to leave and talk to my lawyer. They were polite and said they were sorry they had to be there, but it did cause me concern. My biggest worry is being unable to continue to treat Remie without being in violation of Utah law. There are a lot of risks there.”

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