Marijuana Ready Since Yesterday

Since it’s 2016, Canadian marijuana policy is about to change. Yesterday’s users were delinquent outsiders. They apparently acted as criminal, conspiratorial spys, students and single mothers. They were immoral, indictable and illegal sitting targets. Tomorrow they will become moral, politically correct and legislatively upright at the stroke of a pen, as the State, previously bereft of clothes, begins to dress.

I stand here and look on the not previously visible crowd and I look at them in wonder. Let me attempt to see through the violent fog of yesterday as a new dawn, not a false dawn, burns through to the earth. We wipe our eyes, we enter Canada again, reborn perhaps, ready since yesterday.

As the Canadian marijuana mob was being chased, hunted, set up, framed, hand cuffed, beaten, fined, humiliated, incriminated and jailed their patriotism did not waver as their Charter of Rights trembled and was tested.

I have lately engaged in the surreal experience of attending the openings of store front medicinal marijuana dispensaries and following the evolution of compassion clubs, seed banks and vapour lounges. Their range of clients have fashionable accouterments from multiple earring studs and tattoos to comfortable looking fold up walkers with cushy seats.

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